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01 - George Washington (1788-1797)
03 - Thomas Jefferson
06 - John Quincy Adams
07 - Andrew Jackson
15 - James Buchanan (1857-1861)
16 - Abraham Lincoln
26 - Theodore Roosevelt
28 - Woodrow Wilson
32 - Franklin D. Roosevelt
33 - Harry Truman
34 - Dwight D. Eisenhower
35 - Jack Kennedy
36 - Lyndon Baines Johnson
37 - Richard Nixon
39 - Jimmy Carter
40 - Ronald Reagan
41 - George H. W. Bush
42 - Bill Clinton
500 Nations - 01
500 Nations - 02
500 Nations - 03
500 Nations - 04
A House Divided (1960)
A Union Divided
After the Mayflower
Alaskan Pipeline
Alexander Hamilton
Alistair Cooke's America - 01 First Impact
Alistair Cooke's America - 02 The New Found Land
Alistair Cooke's America - 03 Home From Home
Alistair Cooke's America - 04 Making A Revolution
Alistair Cooke's America - 05 Inventing A Nation
Alistair Cooke's America - 06 Gone West
Alistair Cooke's America - 07 Firebell In The Night
Alistair Cooke's America - 08 Domesticating Wilderness
Alistair Cooke's America - 09 Money On The Land
Alistair Cooke's America - 10 The Huddled Masses
Alistair Cooke's America - 11 The Promise Fulfilled And The Promise Broken
Alistair Cooke's America - 12 Arsenal
Alistair Cooke's America - 13 The More Abundant Life
Almanac Newsreels
America Before Columbus
America's Stone Age Explorers
American Civil War - Lecture
American Experience - Vietnam
American Holocaust
American Revolution e01 The Conflict Ignites
American Revolution e02 1776
American Revolution e03 Washington & Arnold
American Revolution e04 The World At War
American Revolution e05 England's Last Chance
American Revolution e06 Birth Of The Republic
American Revolution e07 Biography George Washington
American Revolution e08 Biography Benjamin Franklin
American Revolution e09 Biography Paul Revere
American Revolution e10 Biography Benedict Arnold
An American Firefight
Apollo 13
Arts And Crafts Of The Indian Southwest
At the Trail of Tears of Navajos
Babe Ruth
Billie Holiday
Billy Taylor - A Life in Jazz
Billy the Kid
Black Indians (An American Story)
Black Magic
Black Panther
Black Power Salute
Black Slaves, Red Masters
Blue Note - A Story of Modern Jazz
Bridges Of New York City
Broadcasting's Forgotten Father
Broken Rainbow
Brooklyn Bridge
Butch Cassidy
Charles Lindbergh
Charlie Parker Story
Civil War at Sea
Civil War Life
Commanders of The Civil War
Complete - War of 1812
Coney Island
Conquest of Hawaii
Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War
Cuban Missile Crisis
Custer's Last Stand
Death and the Civil War
Decisive Battle - New Orleans 1815
Decisive Battles - Kings Mountain 1780
Dutch New York
Eisenhower Farewell Address
Emma Goldman
Empire of the Air
Eskimo Hunters Of Northwest Alaska
Evidence of Revision 01
Evidence of Revision 02
Evidence of Revision 03
Evidence of Revision 04
Evidence of Revision 05
Evidence of Revision 06
Eyes On The Prize 01 - Awakenings 1954-1956
Eyes On The Prize 02 - Fighting Back 1957-1962
Eyes On The Prize 03 - Ain't Scared of Your Jails 1960-1961
Eyes On The Prize 04 - No Easy Walk 1962 - 1966
Eyes On The Prize 05 - Mississippi Is This America 1962 - 1964
Eyes On The Prize 06 - Bridge to Freedom 1965
Eyes On The Prize 07 - The Time Has Come 1964-1965
Eyes On The Prize 08 - Two Societies 1965 - 1968
Eyes On The Prize 09 - Power 1967 - 1968
Eyes On The Prize 10 - The Promised Land 1967 - 1968
Eyes On The Prize 11 - Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More
Eyes on the Prize 12 - A Nation of Law?
Eyes On The Prize 13 - The Keys To The Kingdom 1974 - 1980
Eyes On The Prize 14 - Back to the Movement 1979 - mid 1980s
Failure Is Not An Option
Fever - Philadelphia 1793
Frank Lloyd Wright
Freedom Riders
General Motors Around the World
George H. W. Bush's "Toward a New World Order" Speech
George Washington Carver
H. H. Holmes
Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini - The Great Houdini
Henry Ford's Mirror of America
Here Comes Jackie Robinson
Hillbilly: The Real Story
Honor Deferred
Hoover Dam
How the FBI Sabotaged Black America
How the West was Lost - Apache
How the West was Lost - Cheyenne
How the West was Lost - Dakota
How the west was lost - Iroquois
How the West was Lost - Lakota
How the West was Lost - Navajo
How the West was Lost - Nez Perce - I will fight no more
How the West was Lost - Seminole - The Unconquered
Huey Long
Hundred and Two Minutes That Changed America
Ice Age Columbus
Immigration Through Ellis Island
Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story
Indian Ceremonials
Indian Warriors - The Untold Story of the Civil War
J. Edgar Hoover
J. P. Morgan
Jackie Robinson
Jamestown: Against All Odds
Jazz - The Adventure
Jazz 01 - Gumbo/Beginnings
Jazz 02 - The Gift
Jazz 03 - Our Language
Jazz 04 - The True Welcome
Jazz 05 - Swing/Pure Pleasure
Jazz 06 - Swing, The Velocity of Celebration
Jazz 07 - Dedicated to Chaos
Jazz 08 - Risk
Jazz 09 - The Adventure
Jazz 10 - A Masterpiece by Midnight
Jefferson Davis
Jesse Owens
JFK - "Ich bin ein Berliner" (1963)
JFK Cuban Missle Crisis Address
Jimmy Carter: Crisis of Confidence
John Brown
John Brown's War
John Wilkes Booth
Johnny Cash - Last Great American
Journey through Slavery
Kennedy-Nixon Debate
King of the Corner
Land of the Eagle
Lee and Grant
Lee Harvey Oswald
Legendary Cowboys
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Liberty - The American Revolution - 1/6
Liberty - The American Revolution - 2/6
Liberty - The American Revolution - 3/6
Liberty - The American Revolution - 4/6
Liberty - The American Revolution - 5/6
Liberty - The American Revolution - 6/6
Lincoln's Secret Weapon
Long Road to Justice - The Viola Desmond Story
Louis Armstrong - King Of Jazz
Mai Lai
Malcolm X
Man on Wire
Marcus Garvey
Mark Twain
Marquis de Lafayette
Martin Luther King Jr.
Mary Pickford
Mayflower Story
Meltdown on Three Mile Island
Miles Davis
Moon Shot
Muhammad Ali - He Shook Up The World
Muhammad Ali - The Greatest
Native Americans - Today's Suppressions
New York 01 (1609-1825)
New York 02 (1825-1865)
New York 03 (1865-1898)
New York 04 (1898-1918)
New York 05 (1918-1931)
New York 06 (1929-1941)
New York 07 (1945-present)
New York 08 - (1946-2003)
New York Central RailRoad
New York Goes to War
New York Subways
North America - In The Beginning
NY 77 - The Coolest Year In Hell
OJ Simpson
One Small Step
Oswald's Ghost
Penn Central 1974
Pete Seeger
Philo Farnsworth
Pocahontas Revealed
President Eisenhower 1953 Inaugural Address
President Franklin Roosevelt 1933 Inauguration
President George W. Bush - The 9/11 Interview
President Johnson 1965 Inaugural Address
President Kennedy 1961 Inaugural Address
President Nixon's First Watergate Speech (April 30, 1973)
President Nixon's Third Watergate Speech (April 29, 1974)
President Reagan's Farewell Speech
Preview: National Parks
Prince Among Slaves
Race To The Moon
Racism - A History
Reagan's Address at the Brandenburg Gate
Real Wild West
Rebels and Redcoats 01
Reconstruction - The Second Civil War
Remember The Alamo
Roads to Memphis
Robert Kennedy
Rod Serling
San Francisco
Savagery and the American Indian
Scenes From American History
Scottsboro - An American Tragedy
Secret Service Standdown
Sherman's March
Sitting Bull and The Great Sioux Nation
Slave Narratives
Slavery And The Making Of America - 1of4
Slavery And The Making Of America - 2of4
Slavery And The Making Of America - 3of4
Slavery And The Making Of America - 4of4
Soundtrack for a Revolution
Stories from the Great Depression
Story of a City: New York
Story of Manhattan
Summer Of Love
Surviving Columbus - First Encounters
Tales of the Gun - The Gunslingers
Tecumseh's Vision
Tennessee Valley - 1936
The American Future A History 01 - A History Plenty
The American Future A History 02 - American War
The American Future A History 03 - American Fervour
The American Future A History 04 - What Is An American ?
The American Road
The Appomattox Campaign
The Assassination of Fred Hampton, Sr.
The Battle of Antietam
The Bronx
The Case for Conspiracy
The Century: America's Time
The Civil Rights Movement
The Civil War - 01 The Cause
The Civil War - 02 A Very Bloody Affair
The Civil War - 03 Forever Free
The Civil War - 04 Simply Murder
The Civil War - 05 The Universe Of Battle
The Civil War - 06 The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
The Civil War - 07 Most Hallowed Ground
The Civil War - 08 War Is All Hell
The Civil War - 09 The Better Angels Of Our Nature
The Civil War and Reconstruction with David Blight
The Clinton Chronicles
The Donner Party
The Duel
The Dust Bowl
The Empire State Building
The Fight Against Slavery
The Frederick Douglass Story
The Gold Rush
The Golden Gate Bridge
The Great Air Race
The Great Indian Wars 1840-1890
The Greatest Jazz Films Ever
The Guns That Tamed The West
The History of Slavery In America
The History of the Iroquois
The Hurricane of '38
The Indian Wars
The Kennedy's
The Key to Watergate
The Killing Of America
The King Assassination
The Lobotomist
The Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry
The Men Who Built America
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 01 The Coup d'Etat
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 02
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 03
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 04
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 05
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 06
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 07
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 08
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - 09
The Mexican-American War
The Moment in Time
The Murder Of Emmett Till
The Native Americans 01 - The Far West, Generous Spirit
The Native Americans 02 - The North East, Give and Take
The Native Americans 03 - All Our Relations
The Native Americans 04 - Fields of Grass, Sea of Blood
The Native Americans 05 - The South-East, No Matter How White
The Pleasant Valley War
The Polio Crusade
The Presidents 01 - 1789-1825 Washington to Monroe
The Presidents 02 - 1825-1849 John Q Adams to Polk
The Presidents 03 - Taylor to Lincoln 1849-1865
The Presidents 04 - Andrew Johnson to Arthur 1865-1885
The Presidents 05 - Cleveland to Taft 1885-1913
The Presidents 06 - Wilson to Franklin D. Roosevelt 1913-1945
The Presidents 07 - Truman to Ford 1945-1977
The Presidents 08 - Carter to George W. Bush 1977- 2008
The Progressive Era
The Reagan Diaries
The Real Story of Apollo 11
The Revolution 01 Boston Bloody Boston
The Revolution 02 Rebelling to Revolution
The Revolution 03 Declaring Independence
The Revolution 04 American Crisis
The Revolution 05 Path to World War
The Revolution 06 Forging An Enemy
The Revolution 07 Treason & Betrayal
The Revolution 08 The War Heads South
The Revolution 09 A Hornet's Nest
The Revolution 10 The End Game
The Revolution 11 Becoming A Nation
The Revolution 12 Road To The Presidency
The Revolution 13 A President And His Revolution
The Rise and Fall of Penn Station
The Rockefellers
The Rosa Parks Story
The Shakers
The Sixties - The Years That Shaped a Generation
The Story Of Television
The Story of Us 02 - Revolution
The Story of Us 03 - Westward
The Story of Us 04 - Division
The Story of Us 05 - Civil War
The Story of Us 06 - Heartland
The Story of Us 07 - Cities
The Times of Harvey Milk
The Treasury Story
The Trials Of Henry Kissenger
The Tribal Eye 02 - Crooked Beak Of Heaven
The Underground Railroad
The Unending Struggle
The Wall Street Crash - 1929
The War 01 - A Necessary War
The War 02 - When Things Get Tough
The War 03 - A Deadly Calling
The War 04 - Pride Of Our Nation
The War 05 - FUBAR
The War 06 - The Ghost Front
The War 07 - A World Without War
The War Of 1812 - 01
The Wellbriety Journey to Forgiveness
The West - 01 The People
The West - 02 Empire Upon The Trails
The West - 03 Specks Of The Future
The West - 04 Death Runs Riot
The West - 05 The Grandest Enterprise Under God
The West - 06 Fight No More Forever
The West - 07 The Geography Of Hope
The West - 08 One Sky Above Us
The Year that Changed Jazz - 1959
Thomas Edison
Time Of Apollo
To the Moon
Trail of Tears
Transatlantic Cable
Treasures of New York
Triangle Fire
Uncle Ho and Uncle Sam
Unforgivable Blackness
Valley Forge - The Crucible
Walt Whitman
War of 1812 in the Old Northwest
War That Made America
Warren Commission Report
Warring and Roaring (1914-1929)
Washington's Generals- Marquis de Lafayette
Who Shot Billy The Kid?
Who Shot President Kennedy?
Wild Bill Hickok
Wounded Knee Incident
Wyatt Earp

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